EcoTimber’s Affiliate Web Program For Dealers

Affiliate Marketing Program Background

Affiliate Marketing The web is here to stay and your customers are educating themselves online before making a major purchase such as flooring and are ordering samples as part of their research.

  • EcoTimber offers Authorized EcoTimber Dealers our Affiliate Web Program for use on your website which enables you to fully utilize our website when EcoTimber Links and Logos are placed correctly on your website and then allows the activity of those who access from the links placed on your site to be properly credited and referred back to you.
  • How does our program work? The simplest method to show you is to utilize the industry leader in Affiliate Marketing - to show you how an Affiliate Web Program works.
EcoTimber Affiliate Marketing for Authorized Dealers

The Amazon Example

  • First you must have a website.
  • Second, you must register an account with Amazon.
  • Third, you must copy and paste the Amazon provided link on your website.

Then, let’s say for example you want to offer flooring books on your website. You would simply sign up and utilize Amazon’s Associates affiliate marketing program to select the books you want to offer. Then, you add them to your website by pasting in the book link that you see below, which contains the unique identifier Amazon gave you when signed up and then was carried in the link code when you copied the link.

See the Amazon Program Here

Here are the features/activities that the current Affiliate Marketing Programs from EcoTimber offers.

Web Site e-Catalog e-Commerce
Custom Product
end user
Registration Yes Yes Y Yes #2 Y


Yes Yes   Yes #3      
Wood FloorResource Group Yes Yes Y No Yes Yes Yes

After placing the EcoTimber Links up on your website with your unique identifier in the code then this is what happens for you

Anyone who clicks on the EcoTimber links placed on your website opens another web page, (so as to not take them from your website), which displays the linked EcoTimber website.
The link on your website, when opened from your web site, carries a unique ID# so that anyone who requests a quote, orders samples, registers a specification, or other activity, can be referred back to you (automatically by email) for your follow up & quoting.
You may also access your account, once logged in, and see all the past activity that resulted from your customers activity on the linked websites they accessed from your website.

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