Dealer Website Photo Downloads

For all EcoTimber Dealers!

We have created this section to enable an easy method for you (and/or your website developers) to access all the photos and product attributes related to each flooring item that EcoTimber offers for use on your website.

We invite you to use all our information either:

  • As EcoTimber, in which case we ask that if you show prices on your website, they are the MSRP prices as listed in your Dealer Price List.
  • As your own private label, in which case you can change the SKU #s and place these products on your website at whatever prices you choose.

For those of you who do not wish to recreate EcoTimber's products up on your website, we invite you to make use of our Affiliate Web Program, which allows you to place links to EcoTimber on your website and subsequently get credit for all activity these links generate. You can also choose to make full use of our ecommerce offering for your customers.