Healthy Homes

March 16, 2015

Dear EcoTimber Community,

Given widespread and justifiable public concern about potentially harmful levels of formaldehyde in wood flooring in the wake of 60 Minutes’ exposé of Lumber Liquidators, EcoTimber is reaffirming our longstanding commitment to providing beautiful flooring that is both healthy and sustainable.

From EcoTimber's inception in 1992, we have led the industry with many “firsts,” including pioneering the development of FSC-certified wood flooring, no added urea-formaldehyde bamboo flooring, and more. EcoTimber has always sourced renewable, responsibly-harvested materials such as bamboo, cork and wood from certified well-managed forests. Throughout our history, we have also been committed to using the safest glues, finishes and binders available. All of our wood and bamboo products utilize no added urea-formaldehyde glues and all of our solid cork tiles use no added formaldehyde binders.

We have made this choice, even when it has entailed higher costs, because it is central to our mission. And our customers have always shown a willingness to invest in quality flooring that assures the health of their families and the planet, understanding that cheap flooring safeguards neither.

Transparency and disclosure are the next frontier in the greening of building materials. This is why, today, we are committing to making public all available information on our flooring: the provenance of our raw materials, where each product is made, the chemistry of the glues and finishes we use, etc.

Once again, EcoTimber is working to raise the bar on health and sustainability in building materials to a new level. We hope that our peers in the flooring industry will follow our example.


William Jopling

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